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ai for sales


$349/ month
5 Team Members
Conversational AI
Smart Calendars
AI CRM and More!
2000 SMS/month
Advertising AI


$649/ month
15 Team Members
Conversational AI
Advertising AI
Everything in Starter
6000 SMS/month
Most Popular Plan


$999/ month
25 Team Members
Conversational AI
Advertising AI
Direct OpenAI Integration
Carrier Charges Relayed
Ideal for 500 + Leads/mo

Questions? Answers.

How Much Does Setup Cost?

Our standard setup/onboarding charge is a one-time fee of $1,000. Our team spends a lot of hours setting up your account on the backend including training your AI Agents, building your lead routing, and designing your go-forward strategy. This helps cover a little of that time & energy.

What Are The Differences Between Plans?

There are 3 different subscription plans available: Starter (regular $349/month) , Growth (regular $649/month), and Limitless (regular $999/month).


The primary differences are:


Starter includes 5 team members, and includes all modules of except the AI Ads Tool. Starter includes 2 distinct AI Agents. Starter also includes 2000 text message segments per month & 1500 phone call minutes, and unlimited emails.


Growth includes 15 team members, and includes all modules of Growth includes 10 distinct AI Agents. Growth includes 6000 text message segments per month & 2500 phone call minutes, and unlimited emails.


Limitless includes 25 team members, and includes all modules of Limitless includes unlimited AI Agents. With limitless all charges for text messages/calls/and AI generation are passed to you directly with no upcharge. This plan (though our most expensive) offers significant savings for businesses doing a high volume of leads/messages/calls per month. If you'd like more information and insight on the advantages of going with limitless, please talk to sales!


On Starter and Growth, additional text message segments and call minutes are added to your account if the monthly allowance is used up. These Communications Surcharges are as follows:


For Starter: $25 for 500 additional text message segments, and $25 for 500 additional call minutes.


For Growth: $50 for 1500 additional text message segments, and $50 for 1500 additional call minutes.


Unused monthly allowances do not rollover to the next month, but unused Communications Surcharges do. For example if you are on Starter, and you used 2000 text message segments before the end of March, you would be charged an extra $25 and have 500 more added to your account. Then if you used 200 more before April, you would start April with 2300 available message segments.

I Have Multiple Businesses/Locations, How Does That Work?

That's awesome!

Subscriptions are for a single location/brand/business.

But, you don't need to sign up for multiple subscriptions to run all your businesses! You can get started with one, and then talk to sales about adding others at a discounted rate under the same account.

What Is The Commitment Period?

All available plans are offered on a month-to-month basis with no ongoing commitment. We hate being locked in to something we're unfamiliar with and know you do to. Get to know us, start getting results, and when you're comfortable, you can always talk to sales to get an annual discount.

Does Help Me With A2P 10DLC?

Yes! We will help you get registered with TCR for business texting (A2P 10DLC). This is 100% necessary as of November 2023. But no worries. Our team understands what is required, and will do it live with you on zoom. If there is anything lacking in your business profile, our team will show you what steps to take to qualify for A2P approval. A2P approval can take less than 24 hours, but it can sometimes take up to a week. We will help you get your registration in order and stick with you till you get that approval.

Please note certain categories are not allowed by the carriers to do business texting. This is not our regulation but comes down from the oversight governance formed by Verizon, AT&T, and T-mobile. The categories of businesses not allowed include: cannabis (even in states where it is legal), firearms, drug, sexual content, debt settlement or collection, and third party lending.

What Type Of Businesses Is For?

Let's start with what type of business is not meant for - marketing agencies.

Other than that we are a great fit for any business that wants more leads, better leads, more appointments, more sales, a better reputation or to save time. The majority of our customers are businesses that have a local presence and offer a service.

Some examples include, home services (plumbing, power washing, water purification, etc.) , home improvement (kitchen remodels, siding, roofing, etc.), cosmetic dentists, med spas, cosmetic surgeons, auto repair shops, auto sales, attorneys, local mortgage companies, real estate brokerages, and many more!

How Do I Cancel If I Need To?

Hopefully you'll love getting more leads, and making more sales! However if for any reason you find the need to cancel, you can always email us at and just say you need to cancel. We won't rake you over the coals or make you take 1000 surveys before allowing you to cancel. Just give us at least 3 days notice before the beginning of your next billing period to ensure we can get you canceled on time.

If you cancel, you will continue to have access to the platform for the remainder of the billing period that has already been paid for.

What's The Name All About?

It's pronounced BRAVE AI.

To go into business, and continue in business you have to be brave and we want to honor that. Every new intersection is a leap of faith, but you keep showing up every day. The world needs more bravery.

Ok sure, but why the weird spelling? Well, truthfully 2 reasons. 1. We wanted to be a little different. 2. The domain cost more money than our entire starting capital. (Its now owned by brave browser in case you're wondering. no affiliation to us).

Thanks for asking! Remember, Fortune Favors the Brayv!

Why SMS/messaging AI, Not Voice AI?

Great question! Several reasons!

First, a question. Do you answer your phone every time it rings? Now what about text messages, how quickly do you look at them?

Half of all phone calls go unanswered, (that number is even higher - close to 80% - when it comes to numbers outside a recipients contact list).

95% of all text messages are read within 5 minutes.

Text messages (and social media DMs) give people the optionality to respond when they are free, without the pressure of making a call. This asynchronous communication gives you the advantage over the majority of businesses who want to force customers into operating on their time.

Voice AI is still weak. Tonality, pauses, and not being able to handle interruptions well are just a few of the challenges that prevent Voice AI from coming across in a human-like way. These challenges are not present with messaging AI, allowing your AI agents to converse with your leads and customers professionally, intelligently, and with ease.

Text messages provide a less intrusive means for repeated follow-up and nurture, as each message can be distinct and appear to the reader as having a different purpose/intent. Contrast that with following up via 10 phone calls only. All the recipient sees are 10 missed calls, and feels like you are hounding them. Texting for the forseeable future, if done correctly, and combined with limited human phone calls is the best way to reach your leads!

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