Don't settle for overpriced mediocre leads

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Launch Ads with AI

Our AI Ads tool will read your website and create your ads in just a few clicks. You can edit it as you please, run multiple variations, and launch easily.


All without any knowledge of ad platforms, or spending thousands monthly on a marketing agency.


Integrated platforms include: Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, & Bing.

Use AI to Launch Ads

Ai Optimizes Ad Performance Over Time

Have you ever tried logging into Facebook Ads Manager, to make some changes? There are a million options – what will work and what won’t?


This is why marketing agencies can charge you $5,000/month. But no more! is fully integrated with these platforms. Your AI will track all the relevant metrics and optimize your ads over time. What does all that mean? You get leads that are more likely to pay for your services.


Get peak performance, and stretch your ad budget farther.

Win on Google

Too many businesses focus only on SEO and don’t maximize local search results. Don’t miss your community trying to reach the world.

Boost Your Reputation

Don’t just blast your customers begging for reviews. Use intelligent AI that will help unhappy customers feel heard, and get happy customers to leave you reviews! More reviews + better reviews = better reputation.

Get Free Leads

Are you utilizing your business profile correctly? Over 70% of businesses are not. With a better reputation comes more traffic. Convert more of that into free leads with our Google Business Profile integration.

Rank Higher

When a potential customer in your area organically searches for your service, where do you rank? Combine more reviews with automatically responding to your reviews, and you’re going higher!

Missed No More

What happens when a lead calls and your team can’t answer?


Do they get a call back right away?


Even if you have that system locked in, do they pick up your call-back?


What about after-hours? Weekends? Holidays?


With Missed No More, will immediately engage missed calls via SMS. From there the AI can answer their questions, and book them into your calendar.

convert website visitors

Convert More Website Visitors

It seems simple.


Too simple. 


But it works. You could 5X or even 10X the number of website visitors that turn into leads, just by making it easy for them to text you.


Now you have their contact info and can follow up with them long term. Well, the AI will. Automatically. No coding required to install.

Move towards better leads now.

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